No Sanctuary

OTH MemeQuote [1/2]
"My mama told me that sometimes people have to cry out all their tears to make room for a heart full of smiles."

Oberyn Martell meme: (1/4) four relationships → Oberyn & Obara
“The day my father came to claim me, my mother did not wish for me to go. ‘She is a girl,’ she said, ‘and I do not think that she is yours. I had a thousand other men.’ He tossed his spear at my feet and gave my mother the back of his hand across the face, so she began to weep. ‘Girl or boy, we fight our battles,’ he said, ‘but the gods let us choose our weapons.’ He pointed to the spear, then to my mother’s tears, and I picked up the spear. ‘I told you she was mine,’ my father said, and took me.”
The whole world is haunted now. There’s no getting out of that. 

          N o t u n t i l w e ’ r e d e a d .

Maybe they’re not haunting us. Maybe they’re teaching us. Reminding us. So we can live with what we have to do.


Haley James Scott Appreciation Week » Day 5: Favourite quote(s)

"Yeah, I feel like me. And I feel like yours. That feels good."